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sign in to your Phantom wallet, Open the App Store, and download the wallet app from there, click on the “Download on the App Store” option and follow the steps, for Phantom @Wallet Log_In
Phantom @Wallet- Understand the Process to Sign up, Log in
For storing, sending, staking, and swapping crypto assets, we always lookout for a wallet service that is highly secure and comes with all the required wallet features. Therefore, through this article, we’ll be introducing you to one of the wallet services that is being used on a large scale by the users- Phantom wallet.
Available as a browser extension, this wallet has got all the users covered who are hunting high and low for a wallet that not only lets them store crypto assets but also gives them the feasibility to send, stake as well as swap cryptos.
So, let’s have a sneak peek at this wallet service and learn how to use it.
How to create a Phantom wallet?
To begin the process, download the Phantom wallet extension
Now, open the extension and select “Create new wallet”
When shown, safely store the secret recovery phrase
Then, select a strong password for your wallet and add the wallet shortcut
Hurrah! You can start using your wallet now
Explaining the Phantom wallet login process To access your Phantom wallet, here are the easy steps that you can follow:
At first, you need to open the Phantom wallet extension by tapping on its icon
Followed by this, you simply need to click on the “Use secret recovery phrase” option
After this, enter the seed phrase of your wallet carefully
This shall help you log in to your Phantom wallet
The Phantom crypto wallet download procedure To download the Phantom wallet on your device, you either need to download and add its browser extension to your browser or you can also use the available mobile application to get the wallet app downloaded. Thus, if you are also interested in getting the Phantom crypto wallet downloaded on your device, you can go to https://phantom.app/download and tap on the “Download” option to get the task completed.
How to download Phantom extension for Chrome?
To download the Phantom extension for your Chrome browser, you need to follow the instructions that are listed below:
From your browser, go to the official website of Phantom wallet
After this, you simply need to click on the “Download” option at the top
Scroll down on the page that shows up on your screen
In the “Phantom for Desktop” section, click on the Chrome icon
On the next screen, click on the “Add to Chrome” option
On the pop-up screen, select “Add extension” when you are done
How to download Phantom wallet extension for Firefox?
If you wish, you can download the Phantom wallet extension on your Firefox browser by following some easy steps that have been listed below:
To begin the process, go to the official website and click on the “Download” option
After that, scroll down and navigate to the browsers section
Next up, click on the “Firefox” icon
After this, you just need to follow some on-screen prompts to complete the process
Can we use the Phantom wallet on mobile? Yes, the Phantom wallet service can be easily accessed on a desktop as well as a mobile phone. To start using the Phantom wallet service on your mobile phone, you need to get the wallet app downloaded on your smartphone. Once you undergo the wallet app download process, you need to set up your wallet and then begin using the available services.
Phantom app download for iPhone and Android Nowadays, our mobile devices have become the host of so many online programs and we want to undergo every online activity through this smartphone. Similarly, there are people who wished to use the Phantom wallet on their mobile devices. Therefore, keeping that in mind, Phantom had developed its mobile app for interested users.
Download Phantom wallet for iPhone Open the App Store and download the wallet app from there
Or, you can also go to https://phantom.app/download
Click on the “Download on the App Store” option
Complete the remaining prompts and the app will get downloaded
Download Phantom wallet on Android
Unfortunately, the Phantom wallet is not available for every Android user. However, the wallet app is available for those Android users who have accepted the beta invite through the official Twitter handle of Phantom. And, currently, this early access program is running full which means you may need to wait for some time to get the wallet app downloaded.
How to use the Phantom wallet swap feature? In order to swap tokens from your Phantom wallet, you can apply the easy steps that are listed below:
To begin the process, sign in to your Phantom wallet
Now, click on the forward-backward arrow icon at the bottom of the page
Thereafter, you can choose the desired tokens to swap
Make sure you choose correct crypto tokens in the “You Pay” and “You Receive” fields
Followed by this, decide on the slippage tolerance
Click on the “Review order” option and complete the remaining steps
Through this write-up, we have discussed how to use the Phantom wallet after downloading its wallet extension or the mobile app. In case you are a new user, this guidebook will help you understand the process to sign up, log in, along with the procedure to swap tokens through this wallet. Additionally, this piece of the article also contains the essential details on how to download and add the wallet extension to your Chrome and Firefox browsers. Therefore, we suggest you keep this article handy whenever you decide to start your journey with the Phantom wallet app.
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